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Switch to digitec connect
  • How do I switch to digitec connect?
    You can switch to digitec connect in a few quick steps here connect.digitec.ch When you sign up, we’ll ask if you want to keep your old number or get a new mobile number to go with your subscription. We’ll organise cancelling the current contract or subscription with your previous provider and move your old number over to your digitec connect subscription.
  • How much does it cost to switch to digitec connect?
    That depends how quickly you want to switch. If you’re happy to wait until the end of the minimum contract period with your current provider, you won’t have to pay anything to switch. But if you want to leave your contract early, it’s best to ask your current provider how much they will charge you. At digitec connect, we don’t charge any activation fees for setting up a subscription.
  • Can I keep my current number?
    Yes, you can certainly transfer your current number. You also have the option to test out digitec connect with a new phone number and then switch over to your old number.
  • Which network does digitec connect use?
    All data and phone calls run through the Sunrise network. Sunrise offers 4G coverage in 96% of Switzerland and supplies 99.9% of the country with the best call quality and Internet connection.
Subscription costs
  • What is the digitec connect cancellation period and minimum contract period?
    There is no minimum contract period. In the first month, you can cancel at any time with immediate effect. If you cancel after the first month, your subscription will finish at the end of the next calendar month. You can cancel your subscription in the cockpit at the click of a button.
  • How do I pay for my digitec connect subscription?
    When you sign up, you’ll be asked to add a payment method (TWINT, Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card). Bills are always paid in arrears and debited at the beginning of the following month.
  • Where can I buy a digitec connect SIM card?
    Once we’ve checked everything is OK with your application, we’ll post you out a digitec connect SIM card – free of charge and with no hidden activation charges.
Family + Friends
  • What’s the difference between the account holder and Family + Friends members?
    As the account administrator, you can add new members to your Family. You’re also in charge of the digitec connect Cockpit. That means you get to control the settings on your Family + Friends members’ subscriptions. This can be helpful in a classic family setup. E.g. if you’re managing your gran’s subscription. But you can also assign Family members their own Cockpit. This will allow them to, for example, purchase roaming data packs.
  • How do you sort out who pays for the Family + Friends subscriptions?
    It’s up to you whether you want all costs to be settled through the account administrator’s payment method or if you’d rather pay separately. For a classic family setup with teenagers, it makes sense and is mandatory for the account administrator to be in charge of payment. For a Family of friends, paying separately might be a better option.
    All Family members’ costs are generally covered by the account administrator’s payment method. As soon as a Family member enters a payment method, split invoicing is activating and they must cover their own costs.
  • What happens if one of my Family + Friends members wants to cancel their subscription?
    The Family + Friends group will still exist and the remaining members continue to enjoy the advantages of their digitec connect subscription.
  • What happens if the account administrator wants to cancel their subscription?
    The account administrator doesn’t necessarily need a subscription. Alternatively, someone else can be appointed as account administrator. Just get in touch with us at connect@digitec.ch. We’re happy to help!
  • Can I set up a subscription for someone if I don’t have a digitec connect subscription myself?
    No. The account holder needs to have a digitec connect subscription before they can set up Family + Friends subscriptions.
  • As the account holder, can I see the call logs from Family + Friends members in the cockpit?
    No. To request Family + Friends call logs, please get in touch with our customer service team. The account holder can only see who Family + Friends members call if they give their permission.
Yeah but…
  • Can digitec connect SIM cards be used in any mobile phone?
    Yes, you’ll get a 3-in-1 SIM card that’s compatible with any device that uses a SIM. And these days, mobiles and tablets bought in Switzerland rarely need unlocking if you want to change provider.
  • Will I get signal everywhere?
    More or less. We’ve hooked up with Sunrise, which offers 4G coverage in 96% of Switzerland and supplies 99.9% of the country with the best call quality and Internet connection. For more information about coverage, see sunrise.ch/netzabdeckung.
  • Can I set up a digitec connect subscription even if I don’t have a Swiss passport or ID card?
    Sure. All you need is an official Swiss identity document. This includes all categories of Swiss residency permits.
  • I’m under 18. Can I still set up a digitec connect subscription?
    No. But you can get a digitec connect subscription by asking someone who already has a subscription to add you to their account as a Family + Friends member.
  • Are eSIM, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE and mobile ID available with digitec connect?
    All these services are supported.
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