Smartwatch, tablet or a second mobile? With MultiSIM, you can connect your smartwatch, laptop or any other device with your subscription. Liberate your back-up device from slow Wi-Fi connections or overloaded hotspots for CHF 5.– per month.

What’s MultiSIM?

Picture a smartwatch that works just fine without the help of your mobile. Or imagine a laptop or tablet that doesn’t need a hotspot or Wi-Fi. That’s what this is all about. The MultiSIM option lets you connect your devices to the mobile network and use your phone number and data volume when and where you need it.
MultiSIM facts
One price for all   
No hidden charges: get MultiSIM for CHF 5.– per month. No ifs and buts.  
Free one-year trial 
Not fully convinced? Give the MultiSIM option a try on your back-up device free of charge for one year.  
It’s all online 
Just like your mobile subscription, you can also manage the MultiSIM option online and cancel it at the end of every following month.  
Every device 
No matter which brand, the MultiSIM option works on all devices with a SIM slot or eSIM.  
1, 2, 3, 4
Smartwatch, laptop, mobile, tablet: MultiSIM lets you link up to four devices to your mobile subscription.  
Your data, your number 
Make the most of it: MultiSIM allows you to make phone calls and use your data volume on all your devices.
Liberate your smartwatch. Thanks to MultiSIM, your smartwatch is no longer dependent on another device. In other words, you can leave your phone at home the next time you go jogging.  
Hotspots and Wi-Fi? A thing of the past. MultiSIM connects your laptop, tablet, back-up mobile or any other device to the mobile network. No need for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a hotspot.  
On the 5G network. Surf the 5G network with all your 5G-enabled devices with the 5G option for CHF 8.– per month.
Three steps to the MultiSIM option
Already have a digitec connect mobile subscription and like the sound of MultiSIM? Get started with your free one-year trial now!
FAQ on MultiSIM
  • What’s the difference between digitec iot and MultiSIM? 
    digitec iot is an ideal solution for SIM-enabled devices with low data consumption. E.g. lawnmowers, your pet’s GPS tracker or a surveillance camera. You can’t make calls with digitec iot. What’s more, digitec iot is totally separate from digitec connect.  
  • What are the costs for extra data and calls with MultiSIM? 
    The digitec connect mobile subscription tariffs apply to the MultiSIM option. Data and calls with MultiSIM are deducted from the volume of your mobile subscription.
  • Can I use MultiSIM to surf the web and make calls abroad? 
    Due to technical limitations of MultiSIM, surfing the web abroad isn’t possible. Making phone calls is possible, but not with smartwatches. We’re working with manufacturers and the network provider in order to remove these limitations.
  • Can I use the MultiSIM in a router?  
    Yes. If it’s a 3G or 4G router, this generally isn’t an issue. And, of course, at the best available speed, too! Despite this, our SIM cards aren’t designed to be used primarily with routers. Unfortunately, this means we can’t be of assistance if it doesn’t work. The MultiSIM can’t be used with a 5G router.
  • Does a MultiSIM option count as an additional Family + Friends member? 
    No. The MultiSIM option is completely separate from Family + Friends. The advantages of Family + Friends won’t change if you add MultiSIM options. However, each Family + Friends member is free to add up to 4 MultiSIM options for their connection.  
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