You can’t pick your family – but with digitec connect you can. Add gran or just some of your best friends. Once you have 5 subscriptions in your account, you each get a Switzerland-wide data flat rate for CHF 20.– instead of CHF 25.– for two whole years!

1 GB for each member

The Family + Friends option lets you add other digitec connect subscriptions to your account. With each new member, everyone gets an extra 1 GB data.
3 GB data
 per subscription
The bill, please! Separate invoices or a joint one? It’s up to you. All you need to do is decide who pays their own costs and whose you’d like to cover.
digitec connect with your friends. Add further subscriptions to your account and both you and your friends will benefit.
Take care of your own
Get an overview of your account and manage Family + Friends options as well as other settings in the cockpit.
Angela forgotten her PUK code? A quick glance in the cockpit solves that.
Warn Manuel he’s running up a bill on costly premium rate calls.
Once you have 4 Family + Friends members on your account, you all get unlimited national data.
digitec connect. Simply a subscription. See what you think.