digitec connect. The mobile subscription you can customise. We’re always improving our services so new and existing customers get the best on offer.

Set your own usage

With all digitec connect subscriptions, calls, texts and MMS are free within Switzerland. The basic level gives you 3 GB national data per month plus 1 GB roaming data for the EU/US. When you pay for 7 GB national data per month, you get unlimited data for a flat rate.
CHF 25.–
Facts about the subscription
Included services
3 GB of national data and 1 GB of roaming data in the EU/USA.

Price per month: CHF 25.– per subscription

National data flat rate
Additional national data packs. Price: CHF 6.– per GB. After 7 GB, a local data flat rate applies.

Price per month: CHF 49.– per subscription

National data flat rate with complete Family
With five people in your account, everyone benefits from a national data flat rate.

Price per month: CHF 25.– per subscription

Unlimited phone calls within Switzerland
Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS on all Swiss networks are included. Our network partner: Sunrise
No minimum contract period
No activation fees. No speed throttling, even in the flat-rate zone
(<300 Mbit/s down / <150 Mbit/s up).
All online
Register online. Pay by credit card. View and manage everything in the cockpit.
Roll over data. Need more mobile data just before the end of the month? No problem. Any national data packs you buy on top don’t run out. They’re carried over to the next month.
No hidden costs. We don’t charge for activation, switching provider or SIM card replacements. It’s also free to call our customer service team.
Freedom to stay or go. In the first month, you can cancel at any time with immediate effect. If you cancel after the first month, your subscription will finish at the end of the next calendar month.
With eSIM. The physical SIM slot stays free for another SIM card, such as an international prepaid card.
Manage your account from your phone.
You can check and alter personal settings, bills, data packs and anything to do with your subscription from the cockpit.
digitec connect trial. In the first month you don’t pay the base fee. And you can cancel your subscription at any time. digitec connect. It really is that easy to use.